Travel Essentials: Sara Mac

No matter the trip or the destination, these essential are always coming with me!

Essential #1: Crossbody bag

In my experience, a crossbody bag is a MUST when traveling. They are perfect for crowded subways and cities or just exploring a new destination. When "window shopping" at Nordstrom with LavieJaime I saw this Rebecca Minkoff and HAD-TO-GET-IT!  I love the color, size, and style.


Essential #2: Pillow
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I am often stuck in a middle seat when I travel so a neck pillow is a must! I have tried a lot of different varieties and the neck pillow from Yogibo is favorite so far. However, I am always on the hunt for a better product so stay tuned...

Essential # 3: Sunglasses
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20Twelve glasses from Dicks Cotton
I don't like to spend a lot of money of sunglasses, because somehow I always lose them. One summer I went through 4 pairs.  Loft was having a 40% off  sale, so obviously I HAD to pop in. These sunglasses were a last minute impulse buy and for $8 I could not be more thrilled! You can buy them on sale here!

In the past my favorite glasses were the 20twelve glasses from Dicks Cotton. I own 3 pairs, but sadly they are discontinued. Dicks Cotton has a variety of sunglasses, and is always offering a sale. Do not feel like you need to pay full price!

Essential #4: headphone splitter

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I always download a movie or two for plane rides and since I commonly travel with someone a splitter is great for sharing. Sharing is caring after all! You can find these little gadgets anywhere.

What are some of your travel essentials?